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she's like your grandma, only more senile... [userpic]


August 4th, 2006 (10:03 pm)

current mood: sneezey
current song: atb..

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she's like your grandma, only more senile... [userpic]

more art..

August 4th, 2006 (06:02 pm)

current mood: arsty
current song: cowboy junkies - sun comes up, it's tueday morning

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she's like your grandma, only more senile... [userpic]

(no subject)

August 1st, 2006 (10:59 am)

current mood: okay

i editted the colours for my journal. cos this place apparently
makes you pay to make a custom layout. what bullshit xD;

anyway, i think i am gonna start using this jorunal to post some
of the junk art that doesn't make it onto my art site or my DA site.
cos there is like...a looott of art I never post on either...

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she's like your grandma, only more senile... [userpic]


May 3rd, 2006 (09:10 pm)

everyone else has sexy journals...v.v ::tear::

i feel sad at this old ugly journal. here's new art to liven up:

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she's like your grandma, only more senile... [userpic]


July 27th, 2005 (10:20 am)

current mood: aggravated
current song: 'noughts' [again :l] - loveless

>> Haha, I am totally not using pitas anymore. I was just posting a comment in a journal here and wanted to see my old posts while I was at it.

Then again. Maybe I shouldn't. I bet I was a whiney kid. e_e

Current journal: something stinks

she's like your grandma, only more senile... [userpic]

>_> the fuck?

October 1st, 2003 (01:38 pm)

current mood: amused
current song: I'm a rocketmaaannn~ ROCKETMAAANN!

i decided to...give myself a new icon..since I come here to read friend's journals and comment on them..e.e;; andshit.

i was surprised to find this thing was still alive tho'.

i'm still using pitas: fleur.de.mal ...yeah.

she's like your grandma, only more senile... [userpic]

Hmm -- goodbye cruel world.

April 14th, 2001 (11:41 pm)

current mood: amused
current song: Ben Folds Five - brick

Heh -- no, just..goodbye journal. 6_6 Live journal, anyway. I've started a new thing on pitas.com.

See? I really like Live Journal, but that place is more appealing and like...everyone I know's on that anyway. XD If like..anyone cares to keep intouch or whatever -- vix venack@aol.com or reticent vigil@aol.com.

Takami -- I'll get those pics to you sooooon! o_o!

she's like your grandma, only more senile... [userpic]


April 4th, 2001 (04:13 pm)

current mood: bitchy
current song: Banco De Gaia - Drunk as a Monk

WhatadaywhataDAY...long and annoying! Fiiirst, THAT MAN [XD ::Eyes to Lina.:: I have one too!], 'Hotey' [Hoyet..my stepdad. ._.] is just an ass and roaroaora...did a lot of things yesterday and this morning that just made me feel like I was PMSing. Anyway..since I was in a bad mood, I got sent out of Science for being...'defiant'...v.v Ms. Cathy is such a bitch. She put me in the MIDDLE of the room, even tho' I said I can't work there...Then it was like...

[Her] ..Heather, you need to work.
[Me] I already told you, I can't work here...��
[Her] Well, judging by your grades, you aren't working anywhere.
[Me] . . . . . ::Gives the patent Death Glare.::
[Her] .... Leave.

v.v I hate her...I really do. v.v; Roar.

Anyway....nothing else happened. The day was normal other than that. I feel like a fuck right now...bored as hell. ::Sigh.:: Great.

she's like your grandma, only more senile... [userpic]


March 18th, 2001 (03:42 pm)

current mood: blah
current song: DJ Krush - Dig This Vibe

Omg, I'm so tired....I've been sick so bad that I haven't been able to do much at all. My cough is getting worse, but I've been getting hyper so bad lately too...I've been having to go to school, still. I felt a little better Thursday and Friday.

Heh, on Friday, the Principal was like, "Heather," yes, that's my real name...x.x; She was like, "Heather, I want you to stay after school and talk with a few people. A few other girls are staying too and after the meeting, we'll be going out to eat." So I really can't refuse Terlouw because she can get really evil and scary sometimes. Anyway, Friday was Hippy day. Half the school dressed as hippies -- I was one of them. Okay..so I walk into the room and there's like...TEN PEOPLE in suits...It was like..

[Me] ::Walkwalkstrut..open of door..PAUSE.:: Wh-... hey.
[People] ::Lookover STARE. Faces straight.:: ...
[Me] .... ::Quicksit, eyes shift to Caroline. SMILESMILEmumble.:: Who are these peopleee..?
[Caroline] ...I don't know...they scare me...

They turned out to be like...major people and I'm COUGHING as I talk about stuff..and I'm dressed as a hard core hippy and we have A LOT of hippies here where I live so...they probably thought I really was a hippy..--U

Well..anyway....the real shit happened when we went out to eat. Me and Caroline just acted like TOTAL retards. We did all this mime shit. It was like..

[Caroline] ::Suddenly trapped in a box! POUNDPOUND...panic face.::
[Jackie] W..h..at...are you doing....?
[Me] ::Pause....taps on the 'box' then waves a 'key'. Unlock and opens a hatch!::
[Caroline] ::Exagerated :D face with hands up...mimics running motion, despite the fact she's sitting in a chair..!::
[Me] ::Exagerated hand swing of 'right this way' motion. :D face too.::
[Terlouw/Marony] ::Sink in their chairs.::

Then Caroline started using soup spoons as drum sticks and was all throwing her hands in the air and like, "G'day New York!" and this old dude a few tables away made the guy in front of him scoot over so he didn't have to watch her..XDXD Carline made a huge deal over it, then she started mimicing a blow fish. She's so crazy XD..

And in the parking lot, we were all talking about our asses...for....some reason...

[Me] I have no ass...::Frown.::
[Amanda] Caroline don' either.
[Caroline] Yeah I do! Look, see?! ::Does random ass shake dance.::
-whistle from somewhere-
[Caroline/Me] .... ::Turn.::
[Guy] ::In a black truck…leans out the window…FACE IS RED AND CORRODED..:: Shake some fer me, baybuh!
[Caroline] Oh my GOD, gross!! ::Runs quickly to catch up with Terlouw and Marony.::
[Buffy] Tha's why you don' shake y'thang in public, girl.

Omg, it was so gross...the guy was all GREASY and ugfghgh..Poor Caroline. ^^U

I gotta go now...-.-;

she's like your grandma, only more senile... [userpic]


March 8th, 2001 (02:42 am)

current mood: aggravated
current song: ...something on the radio..

Teachers d i s c r i m i n a t e.